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Take Care of Yourself to Get Your Ex Back

A lot of the times when people get dumped, they tend to dwell on the situation until they become depressed and they wind up becoming someone they did not want to be. Spending nights staying up wondering what they did wrong, and what they can do to fix it. They don’t realize that there IS a reason why they were broken up with, but dwelling on it is not going to make things any better.

If you are the one who got dumped, then that usually means that there is something that you have to work on. Even if you do not realize what it is, you can fix it by just being yourself and taking care of yourself. You want to make your ex remember why they got with you in the first place, and possibly give them a new reason to get with you.

A good way to do this is by going to the gym and exercising. This will get you in good shape and make you look better, while also giving you something to occupy yourself with. It is not good to not have something to do after a breakup, this will make you miserable for sure. Exercising also releases endorphins, which is the chemical your body releases during eating, sex, music and any other thing that makes you feel good. So it is a good way to feel better and look better, which will give you greater chances of getting noticed and wanted by your ex.

The most important thing to remember after a break up is to be yourself, and to never let the breakup get you down. Even if your ex does not take you back, there will be another relationship for you in the future, so it is no the end of the world. It is only as bad as you make it out to be. You may feel like you have no chance at getting your ex back, but just thinking like that will ensure that what you are thinking is true. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you should be focusing on being the best you can be at all times.

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Some Tips on Getting Your Ex Back

If you are an adult, then chances are you have probably been dumped at one point int your life. Usually you just take it and stride, moving on to the next person. Some times though, you may not want to move on because you really want the person you were with. Maybe your even willing to put in a little bit of effort to do so.

The truth is, most breakups can be mended, if you react quick enough and you some strategies to get your ex back in love with you again.

He first thing you will need to do is to determine the reason why you broke up in the first place. Once you have found the exact reason why the breakup happened, you can take the steps necessary to fix the problem, so you do not have trouble with it in the future. This will prevent you from dealing with the same issues over and over again. If you know what you have done wrong you can own up to it, and let your ex know you are sorry for whatever it may be.

While it is good to apologize and maintain contact with your ex after the breakup, if you are trying to get them back, you still do not want to come off as desperate or needy at all. This is not something that is considered attractive by men or women, and you could give your ex the feeling of being smothered, when he/she is already very mad at you. You have to make sure you don’t try to make them feel sorry for you.

At this point in the breakup, you have to be stronger then ever, and you can’t walk around with a sad look on your face, as a lot of the time you will be laughed at by them and they will not find it attractive at all. Instead you should focus on being the person that made them like you in the first place. If you walk around acting like a sad puppy, instead of the outgoing and fun person you were, then you are not giving anyone a reason to want to get back with you. Who would want to be with a moping sad sack?

The old jealousy trick is about the worst thing you could possibly do if you’re trying to get your ex back. Just think about what you would do if you saw your ex kissing someone else and you had just broken up with them, would that make you want to get back with them. Of course not! I fact it may just make your ex be glad that they have broken up with such a scumbag. You see, getting back with your ex can be a very delicate thing.

If you show them too much attention after the break up,they will not want to talk to you. If you don’t show them any attention after the breakup, they will get over you. If you act like it didn’t hurt you at all, and you start getting with other people very quickly, then they will feel like you never cared for them
in the first place.

Indeed getting back with your ex is not always an easy task, but the good thing is it can be done MOST OF THE TIME. All it takes, is for you to heed the tips I just gave you and maybe a use a little bit of confidence. If you really want your ex back, then you should check out this number one guide mentioned on this site. It is very in-depth and will teach you how to deal with your unique break up.

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Get Your Ex Back

Being in a relationship can be a very delicate thing, and the slightest thing can cause a breakup. The bad thing is once the break up happens, a lot of people lose hope, not realizing just how possible it is for them to get their ex back. If you are not doing your part in the relationship, then you can expect your partner to get tired of you and eventually move on. The challenge is, getting them to see that you have changed back to the person they fell in love with. The problem is, you have to do this without looking like you are desperate or needy, and without smothering them and making them dislike you even more. So how do you do that?

Well, you can start by being strong. Meaning, do not walk around looking like you lost your best friend, even if you have. You don’t want to look like a big immature baby. Calling and leaving crying message on the phone will most likely just get you laughed at by your ex and their friends.

They may think about it later on and feel bad about it, but they will still come to the conclusion that they made the right decision, because you are not making them remember why they got with you in the first place. Instead of them seeing the side of you that you would like them to see, they are seeing the sad, lonely and helpless side of you, which makes you look even more unattractive.

Try not to call them all of them time, and make sure you keep the contact with them to a minimum. If you keep calling them, it will come to a point where they won’t even pick up the phone for you anymore, trust me I have been there before. SO don’t get drunk and leave 2 hours worth of messages ranging from crying to cursing to laughing and crying at the same time. I promise you this will not show you any results whatsoever.

Do not try to intimidate them or make them jealous. This is NOT going to give you any leverage, it is just going to make them hate you. So don’t call them and tell them to come and get their stuff or else it is going out on the curb, especially if you KNOW you want them back. If you go the jealousy route and kiss somebody in front of them, or get with one of their friends, then you can lose their number and forget you ever knew them.

There is really no repairing something like that, and if you do manage to get them back after being with their friend, then you can bet they will cheat on you without even feeling guilty eventually, as soon as someone else comes along and they remember what you did to them.

The best thing you could do if you’re trying to get your ex back is to be as nice a possible and be yourself. Don’t act like it is the end of the world, but at the same time let them know that you are hurt and you miss them. You can do this with one simple phone message, you don’t need 20 messages to let them know that you are sorry and you miss them. If you feel like crying when you leave the message, don’t hold back, just don’t bawl your eyes out to the point they can’t understand what you are saying. If you cry on the message and you sincerely mean it, a lot of the time you will get a call back, unless they can’t understand what you are saying, then you’ll probably get laughed at.

The most important thing to remember is to be yourself. You have to show them why they got with you to begin with, and don’t stop being the best you can be until they have no choice but to get back with you. No matter how terrible the situation is, just remember, there is always a chance that you can mend the broken bonds.

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How Do I Get My Ex Back?

When your boyfriend or girlfriend comes out of the blue and decides to break up with you, it can come as a serious hit to your confidence and feelings. I doubt I really needed to tell you that, but it’s true…breakups really hurt. But what if there was a shot at getting your ex back, and picking back up where you left off? Would you be interested? Of course you would, read on!

There are a number of things that could have gone wrong with your relationship that made your partner want to leave, but the vast majority of them are actually fixable. Some of them aren’t, but most of them are. The biggest problems in relationships that can be fixed are the ones within yourself.

Don’t make the mistake of chasing after your ex right after he/she breaks up with you…that’s a bad idea and it could only drive him/her further away. Give your ex some space, and sit down with yourself. Analyze the relationship you had with your ex, and figure out which of the problems that caused the breakup YOU were responsible for. THOSE are the ones you can fix.

Forget about trying to fix anything that was wrong with your ex…nobody can change those things but your ex him/herself. The only things you can really do anything about are the things that you and you alone are responsible for: your own actions and behaviors.

Making sacrifices and compromises is the name of the dating game, and it only makes sense that any relationship is a combo of give-and-take. After all, there are two people here who both require their needs to be met in order to be happy…the key is finding a nice balance where you can make your partner happy and remain happy yourself.

So figure out the things you did wrong. Those are the things you have to give on, to the point where your partner could be happy with you. Really, it’s good for you anyways, because in the possible event that your partner isn’t the person you spend your entire life with, addressing these problems now could mean relationship success in the future.

So when you’re ready to start back in trying to get your ex back, after you’ve really addressed the problems of which you’re the main cause, you should start off slow. The initial contact could be anything…an email, a phone call, a text message…whatever you’re most comfortable with. Above all, the contact shouldn’t be about getting back together, but just about seeing how your ex has been.

If you’re really smooth about how you go about it, your ex’ll probably be okay with remaining in touch. Try to be unassuming and generally relaxed…don’t go on the offensive to “win your ex back.” That’ll just make your ex want to sever contact altogether. Build contact slowly, until eventually you’re spending time together again.

Once you get to this point, it’s important to just enjoy your time together. Do things the two of you always enjoyed before the breakup, it’s good kindling for fond memories and old feelings. Let your ex see how awesome it can be to be with you, and allow the work you’ve been doing on yourself to speak for itself.

Nine times out of ten, the old love between you isn’t lost, just buried beneath the hurt that all the problems in the relationship caused. Since you’re supposed to have dealt with your side of those problems, there should be little in the way of your ex realizing how little point there is to remaining your “ex.” Follow this advice, and you have a serious shot at saving your relationship.

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How to Get the Ex Back – Steps to Ensure Success

Have you broken up with your lover? Do you find yourself sitting by the phone hoping for a call or text? Many of us do this, but if you really want to get back with the ex this isn’t the best plan.

By appearing desperate you are showing weakness. It can look pathetic and as if you have nothing else worth living for if you grovel and beg to get attention from your ex after a breakup. This makes it seem to your ex as if they are in control of your life and emotions and they can continue to play hard to get.

The best way to turn the tables is to be the one playing hard to get yourself. While it may be the hardest thing you have ever done, it will pay off to make yourself scarce and go on living as if nothing ever happened. This will make your ex curious about why you are taking the break up so well.

During this time you should not answer his calls or invite him in if he drops by. Find something to do that will get you out of the house. When he realizes that you are never home anymore he will begin to wonder why you are enjoying life so much after the breakup.

After this period of making yourself scarce, the next step is to take his call and agree to meet up. Do not appear like meeting up is a big deal to you even though your heart will be racing with joy and anticipation. If you are serious about wanting to know how to get the ex back it is important to come across as nonchalant about whether the two of you get back together or not.

Never appear desperate! Turn the tables and leave him being the one that looks desperate. Show him that your life will go on with or without him and he will likely want to be back in the life of this new and improved version of you that overflows with confidence and love of life.

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